The promotion of environmental sustainability within our practice is one of the key principles central to our philosophy and design approach. The realization of responsible, dynamic, and environmental design is, we believe, central to the creation of healthy, uplifting buildings and environments that benefits us all as a global community. Everyone connected with the construction industry has a role to play to ensure that energy consumption and carbon emissions are reduced, however we believe, as architects, that we have a key role in leading this discussion and working with clients to deliver exemplar projects.

MAJ Architects objective is to assist our clients with providing a cost effective approach to design and construction. The key component to a cost effective solution is integrating sustainable design and energy efficient techniques from the outset. There are simple cost effective design solutions that can significantly reduce C02 emissions such as orientation, building insulation, glazing or shading and ventilation. Rigorous early design can prevent the need to add a plethora of expensive renewable energy sources to meet statutory energy targets.